About the choir

The Nottingham Boys Choir is a high-quality choir for both younger and older boys. It is one of the leading boys choirs in the Midlands. It has been going for more than thirty years, and many dozens of boys have passed through its ranks, acquiring the skills of singing well, reading music, being able to sing harmony lines, and gaining an all-round high level of musicianship.

As well as a ‘treble’ section, the choir also features a ‘Deeper Voices’ section, made up of teenagers and men, who join the boys on many songs, which gives the boys the experience of singing with a greater range of voice than they would otherwise be exposed to (a perennial problem for most boys choirs). Some of the teenagers in this section are former members of the treble section, who were keen to stay with the choir after their voices broke because they enjoy it so much. This section sometimes features special guest singers.

The repertoire is varied, and always changing. The Choir performs classical pieces from all periods — medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and twentieth-century, and sometimes pieces by local composers are performed. The Choir also tackles some of the best songs in the folk tradition, and sometimes local folk songs, or local versions of traditional folk songs, as well as ethnic songs from other countries, Christmas carols, madrigals, gospel, musical theatre, pop and jazz. For a smallish choir, it produces an amazingly powerful sound – have a listen to us on the Listen page.

The Director of Music is Mr. Matt Burton, an experienced and talented choirmaster, vocal tutor, and a singer himself (with a huge vocal range). He works with many schools in the East Midlands area. He’s also a former boy treble with the Nottingham Boys Choir. You can find out more about him here.

The Choir usually puts on at least three concerts of its own a year (sometimes four), including an Easter, a summer, and a Christmas concert. These concerts sometimes feature special guest performers (recent guests have included performers from the Royal Academy of Music, and the Trinity School Klezmer Group). Venues — mostly local churches with great acoustics — change around regularly.

In addition, there is regular demand around the East Midlands area for the Choir to appear as guests in other concerts, at church services (the boys have done a number of Evensongs recently), and to team up with other choirs for joint concerts (for example, the Derby Bach Choir, the Australian Boys’ Choir, the Kiiminki Choir from Finland, the Tozer Dance Studio, the Trent Concert Band and the Nottingham Millennium Concert Choir, and many more).

A video about our choir (with thanks to Woodborough Video)

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