Parents - What to expect

Singing in a good choir is a very special activity for your child, giving the life-long gift of musical training and appreciation.

Research also shows that involvement in music improves academic performance, develops mental capacity and increases powers of concentration. It also greatly helps anyone learning an instrument. Many leading musicians, including modern artists, soloists, composers and conductors, as well as pop stars and rock musicians (eg. Ed Sheeran), started their careers as choristers. The self-assurance, skills and poise they acquire are priceless attributes in all the demands of their future lives.

You should be aware that the Nottingham Boys Choir is not just a “children’s choir”, and the boys don’t just sing in unison. Your boy will be taught to sing harmony (we usually sing in three or four-part harmony), and counterpoint. He’ll also be singing some of the finest classical music ever written, by the world’s greatest composers, from many eras, as well as some quality songs from the pop, folk and musical theatre world.  He'll be 

Parents - What to expect

carefully trained to use his voice in tune, to read music.  and count intricate rhythms, to pronounce English, French, German and Latin, to give expression, and to perform in front of an audience. A lot is demanded of our boys but they respond beautifully. And most importantly, they love doing it!

It’s not all singing however, and choristers have the opportunity to socialise: between practices and at special events such as Laserquest, bowling or the annual pantomime visit.

When a boy joins the main choir he is also given a cassock and surplice to wear for church services. All the boys look fantastic in these.

There is no joining fee, and probationers pay no fees at all, so you can try us out for a while without any financial outlay being required.

Main choir members pay £60 a term to help cover the choir’s expenses. Members of the youth/men’s section pay £30 a term. Probationers pay £40 a term. There’s no charge for the loaning out of the red choir top, the choir bag, or the cassock and surplice.

Full choir members will need to buy a black concert jumper which will be embroided with the choir’s logo. The embroiding service usually costs about £6.50. Suitable jumpers cost between £10-£20.