Would you like the Nottingham Boys Choir to sing at your wedding? We can sing at both church and civil ceremonies in Nottinghamshire and the surrounding area.

Music can often express your feelings better than words alone, and what better way to celebrate your wedding, than by hearing your favourite song, or a beautiful choral piece, expressing the joy of your special day?

Parents - What to expect

The Nottingham Boys Choir can assist in the singing of congregational hymns or non-religious songs, perform during the signing of the register, and add an extra visual dimension to your wedding.

Traditional hymns can be transformed by soaring descants, and solo choir pieces can add a spine-tingling element to your celebration.

Whether your wedding is traditional or modern, we have a wide range of music to suit. A full reportoire list is available from the Director of Music and we are also happy to receive specific requests, so please contact us for more details.