What the boys say...

Oliver says: 
“In my opinion the choir is great because you’ll make loads of friends before you know it. Also, Mr Burton the teacher, has a real sense of humour and lets us sing fun songs. He really is brilliant with children and it is impossible not to like him.”

Flynn says:
“I love choir because you can sing loudly without feeling self-conscious. My singing has got a lot better since I joined. It’s a real pleasure to be in the choir.”

Magnus says:
“The choir is full of really friendly boys and I thoroughly enjoy it. The Director of Music Mr Burton is great fun and always chooses brilliant songs for us to sing.”

Magnus talks about the summer residential trip to Salisbury Cathedral:
“Singing in Salisbury Cathedral was fantastic – hearing our voices soaring up into the rafters was really special. It was a great experience – really enjoyable and I made a lot of brilliant new friends.

It was probably the best residential trip I've ever

been on. I felt like a celebrity with all the tourists wanting to take photos of us. Being part of a Cathedral Choir and singing in four part harmony with the men was really cool”

Oliver talks about the summer residential trip to Salisbury Cathedral:
“My experience at Salisbury was brilliant. We sang loads of good songs and had a really nice dormitory. During that week we even climbed to the top of the inside of the Cathedral.”